The Institute for South Asia Studies (ISAS) at the University of California, Berkeley works with faculty members, graduate students, community members, private institutions, and non-profit organizations to deepen understanding of the region and to create new generations of scholars of South Asia. It is one of the world’s leading institutes for research and programs on South Asia. In 2018 they are offering Bhattacharya Graduate Fellowship to the UC Berkeley graduate students that award competitive grants for topics related to contemporary India.

Location: United States

$1000 will be provided for research travel to India (a total of two will be awarded) and
$500 will be provided for domestic conference travel for presentations (a total of four will be awarded).

Only UC Berkeley students are eligible for this fellowship
Eligible Regions: Open for All.


Application requirements for research travel:

A cover letter stating the need for travel (750 words or less)
A 2-page project proposal (double-spaced) (PDF format)
A budget (only for research) (PDF format)
A CV (PDF format)
One letter of support from your advisor (PDF, sent by the recommenders directly)
Please Note:
One award of upto $500 will be given for In-Country Library Research
Two awards of upto $1000 each will be given for Research Travel to South Asia
Application requirements for conference travel:

A cover letter with information of the conference (500 words or less)
If available, a printout or copy of the conference schedule showing your presentation listing (PDF format)
An abstract of your presentation (PDF format)
A CV (PDF format)
Please Note:
Applicants may apply before their panels/papers are accepted. Disbursement of the money will be conditional on acceptance of the paper by a panel/conference.
Awardees will be reimbursed up to $500 of their travel expenses upon presentation of copies of air-tickets/panel registration forms



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